Why Use a Roofing Company to Install Your Solar?

As experienced roofers, we know the ins and outs of roof and solar installations. Whether you are installing solar on the roof of your home or modernizing a commercial property with green energy solutions, Christian Roofing offers advanced solutions for buildings of all sizes. Our expert team will determine if your roof is ready for solar installation and recommend any structural improvements needed to ensure it is safe. Our detailed estimation process includes a comprehensive overview of your roof to check for leaks, holes and structural stability. Start booking a free estimate today.

The benefits of working with a roofer

At Christian Roofing, we have over 25 years of experience installing, repairing and retrofitting solar roofs. We work on residential houses, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, HOAs, restaurants, public buildings and more. While most structures are a good candidate for solar, it is critical to have your property inspected by an experienced roofer prior to installation. This ensures that:

  • Your roof and solar installation are securely fastened
  • Your roof will not be damaged by the solar energy system
  • Any repairs or replacements are completed prior to solar installation
  • The placement of your solar panels is optimized to ensure maximum efficiency
  • All work is performed according to the requirements of the Contractors State License Board
  • Roof and solar elements are safe, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing

Our team works with all types of roofing materials, including slate, ceramic, tile, single-ply and shingles. By choosing an experienced roof and solar energy company, your long-term investment is safe.

Carry out roof repairs prior to your solar installation

When you partner with a roofing company, you have access to proper roof repairs prior to installing your solar panels. This not only ensures that your solar panels are safe, but also protects your property from potential damage from a poor solar installation. In the event that structural reinforcements or repairs are required prior to the solar installation process, we will recommend the most cost-effective solutions in line with your budget. Our in-depth process confirms that any repairs or changes are completed in a timely and complete manner. We comply with all local and national building codes to ensure all roofing is in compliance with regional regulations.

Find the most effective roof placement for your solar installation

Solar installation designs can vary depending on your home style and aesthetic needs. Our installation process begins with an analysis of the total sun exposure on your property. We look at possible shadow sources nearby and seasonal weather patterns in your area. Our team will assess the use of major appliances such as air conditioners, generators and cooling systems in your home before confirming the total energy required for the solar system. After collecting all these details, our roof and solar contractors will create an installation blueprint for your custom installation. Our solar roof installations are designed to:

  • Facilitate optimal solar property for your needs and region
  • Work around sources of shade or obstacles to sun exposure
  • Identify all options for solar installations, including other rooftop solutions
  • Assess the roof modifications required prior to installation, including the repositioning of skylights, chimneys and gutters
  • Design large-scale solar solutions for commercial buildings, parking lots and other unique properties

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to installing the best solar energy solution for your home. The size of your structure, your power generation needs, the angle of your roof and your investment budget all affect the final design. By choosing an experienced roofing company to design and install your solar energy system, you will get the most effective solution for your needs.

Ensure your roof is safe and stable for years to come

One of the most important components of a roof-mounted solar system is structural stability. As a fully recognized roofer (CSLB Lic.# 1002598), we can accurately determine the strength of your roof before and after installing solar energy. During a detailed roof inspection, we document the condition of your roofing, identify leaks, structural issues and confirm required roof repairs. We also check for signs of damage from rodents, insects, fungi or pests. Our regular roof inspections include a check on the sealing, fixings and securing of other roof components such as seams, gutters and chimneys. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of any required or optional repairs, along with an understanding of how it will impact your timeline and budget.

Get access to the best solar technology

As a major solar contractor, an experienced roofing company maintains partnerships with some of the industry’s top solar producers. At Christian Roofing, we offer advanced solar options, including the latest generation of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels. Benefit from sustainable solar panels (up to 30 years warranty) and deep cycle batteries. Working with both large and small properties, our experienced team also provides new inverter technology and wiring solutions. By choosing a vetted solar roof company, you will benefit from aesthetically pleasing, streamlined roof mounting techniques.

Understand the cost of the solar installation process

Our in-house team of coordinators and project managers makes it easy to forecast, plan and document the cost of your rooftop solar system. In addition, a roofing company can provide estimates of cost savings and return on investment once your solar power system is up and running. After your free estimate, our team will evaluate the price per kilowatt needed for your current energy needs. Next, we examine how much energy your solar panel system will deliver in the summer, fall, winter and spring. We compare this to the full installation cost and the energy cost savings over time. We can also propose tax credits, government solar incentives and local discount programs that can reduce the cost of your solar installation.

About Christian roofing

Christian Roofing is a Southern California roof and solar contractor. For more than two decades, we’ve been helping customers install a wide variety of solar solutions on residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to quality, reliability and customer service makes us one of the best solar and roofing companies in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our solar and solar options.

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