Zeftron Nylon releases new design resource

Dalton-Zeftron Nylon, a premium nylon 6, solution-dyed yarn system for commercial carpets, has added a new design resource to inspire commercial interior designers to experiment and think about ways to take risk in their designs for commercial interiors, including carpet.

Radical Modern Color delves into the unimaginable ways colors are combined and applied to create everything from clothing to home decor.

“If this new decade has delivered anything, it’s disruption,” said Tim Blount, Zeftron nylon business leader. “In 18 months we have seen major wildfires, political protests and a global pandemic. We’ve also seen a shift in the way color is used. The color trends and themes in the report range from psychedelic looks to color combinations that were once unimaginable. It’s exciting to watch the imaginative ways in which colors and color applications are used in so many industries today, transition to brighter shades and combinations reminiscent of the 1960s and the last time we were in the midst of such a revolutionary era. “

Radical Modern Color focuses on four trends that emerged and discusses what they are, where they are used and how they change design. The trends include:

  • The Psychedelic Comeback: The 60s are back and so the bright colors and wavy shapes are prominent.
  • Building Blocks: Color blocking goes to the extreme by combining colors side by side on the color wheel for a bold effect.
  • Blur the lines: Gradients are all the rage and so is the Guassian blur.
  • Clash Of The Colors: Combining bubble gum pink, red and maroon may have clashed in the past, but not in this new decade.

Radical Modern Color builds on Zeftron’s role as a leading supplier of premium nylon for commercial wall-to-wall carpets, which are specified for numerous commercial environments. Zeftron nylon offers designers a proven color palette of over 120 quality colors.

The new booklet can be downloaded for free at here.

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