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The summer sun is still shining, but before long there will be crisp autumn days and winter cold.

Don’t get caught in the cold! The last thing you want when the weather cools down is to find out that your furnace needs maintenance, or worse, has stopped working altogether.

Heat when you need it!

Just as maintenance is the key to keeping your car running, it’s equally important to make sure your heating system gets the regular maintenance it needs. You keep your system working optimally and help extend its life, explains Daniel Blouin, CEO of Plumbing and heating on a hill.

“August is the best time to call in a qualified service technician to verify that all of a system’s components are working properly and even diagnose problems before it starts,” says Blouin.

For example, most people know that they need to replace the furnace filter, but did you know that dust can settle on the electrical components? That dust can cause the electrical components to overheat, causing malfunctions, costing you money and preventing your home from getting as hot as it could be.

Hot water on request

Hot water on request

Efficiency = savings for you and the environment

As your furnace ages, it becomes less and less efficient, and a 40-year-old furnace may operate at less than 60 percent efficiency. This is due to carbon (a product of combustion) covering the heat exchanger. A new oven has an efficiency of 95 to 98 percent, which saves you money, keeps you warmer and also helps the environment.

Government discounts are available through FortisBC for homeowners who want to install a high-efficiency natural gas furnace, with installation taking about a day, says Blouin.

Local Hilltop Plumbing and Heating opened in 1972 and is a proud member of the South Surrey/White Rock community. Hilltop uses high-quality, top-rated, Ruud ovens, built to handle Canadian winters.

Plumbing and heating on a hill can also install high-efficiency; navien tankless hot water on demand units, Navien radiant heat boilers and combi boilers that provide heat and hot water on demand without a bulky tank. These streamlined units replace inefficient tank heaters, save water, natural gas or electricity and have the added benefits of endless hot water supply, lower and longer product life.

Ready to serve you

Ready to serve you

Indoor allergy?

If you have an allergy, or just don’t like the thought of breathing dirty air (we all know what dust is made of!), Blouin suggests several ways to make sure the air your family breathes is as clean as possible. is his:

  • replace the filter every three months
  • install UV lamps to eliminate airborne allergens
  • consider an electric filter that purifies the air to remove many allergens
  • Duct cleaning, a service offered by Hilltop Plumbing and Heating as a stand-alone or as part of an oven service package, provides added peace of mind and also makes your system more efficient

Don’t get caught in the cold! Call 604-982-9711 or email to arrange a service call or free estimate on a new system before the mercury drops.

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