West Marin Medical Center now equipped with solar + battery backup

The West Marin Medical Center (WMMC) at Point Reyes is now equipped with a 40 kWh battery through MCE’s Energy Storage Program, which partnered with Enerlogics West to provide end-to-end project development for THG. The storage system is coupled with the solar energy on the roof of the medical center to provide emergency power and daily load shifting to reduce energy costs.

“West Marin Medical Center is very grateful to MCE for their collaboration in installing battery storage at our facility,” said Dr. Colin Hamblin, owner and physician at West Marin Medical Center. “MCE has enabled us to install battery storage that was otherwise hard to find for our community clinic. This new project will not only save us money, but will also provide us with clean backup energy for critical needs such as vaccine cooling during outages.”

MCE provided more than $10,000 to cover the cost of the project, and an additional $11,000 was awarded through the CPUC’s Self Generation Incentive Program.

WMMC estimates savings of over $30,400 over seven years from smart battery charging and discharging. Every day, while the sun is shining, the battery is charged by locally produced solar energy. When solar production drops and electricity prices peak from 4 to 9 p.m., the building will draw solar energy from the battery to meet its power needs. The daily load shift also benefits MCE by reducing the need to buy power when it is most expensive. To encourage this daily tax shift, MCE will also provide an account credit of $20 per month and $0.22/kWh for energy discharged to the grid between 4 and 9 p.m.

“MCE’s energy storage program provides critical medical facilities such as West Marin Medical Center with the ability to serve the community during and despite power outages,” said Katie Rice, County of Marin Supervisor and MCE Board Director. “It can be difficult for small-scale projects like this to sort out, and the resources MCE provides make it possible to provide key community facilities with clean energy when it’s most needed.”

THG, a competitive award-winning Trade Ally for MCE’s Energy Storage Program, provides the software integration and overall program management for the project. THG’s partner, Enerlogics West, will provide engineering, procurement and construction for the project, including optimization of the existing solar power in the new energy storage system.

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