Waterproof flooring makes a splash in 2022

It seems every flooring supplier has jumped on the watertight bandwagon to reap the benefits of the industry’s fastest-growing category — and for good reason. Dealers across the country report that “waterproof floors,” when installed correctly, attracts more consumers than any other slogan in the market today.

From luxury vinyl to laminate and even hardwood – virtually every category of hard floors is capitalizing on the craze for waterproofing. As such, flooring suppliers across the board offered some of their best innovations yet.

Below is an overview of some notable things.

waterproof floors


Unilin’s Unicoat, a water-repellent edge coating technology, actively repels water from the joints of the floor, making it an ideal waterproof solution for wooden floors. How it works: Unicoat is applied to the edges of the floorboard during production, resulting in a fully sealed surface when the panels are locked together. First, the coating seals the surface of the floor and prevents water from penetrating between the joints of the floor panels. This prevents water from standing under the floor, which can cause mold to develop. Second, the coating prevents swelling of the edges of a floorboard by forming a barrier layer that minimizes its moisture-absorbing nature. In addition, the coating protects the short sides of a wooden top layer against discoloration after it has been in contact with water. Unicoat not only has a triple function, but has also been triple tested.

Well made

Wellmade’s new “Ultimate Solution” HDPC/SPC rigid floor collection is designed for DIY, commercial or professional multi-family installations. It features an innovative installation system and is available in vinyl plank and vinyl tile. In addition to 100% waterproof performance, the Ultimate Solution would significantly streamline the installation process.

The product features a self-adhesive IXPE pad that bonds easily to subfloors without additional adhesive, while the interlocking edge and end system contain a “crack-n-peel” adhesive that increases locking strength and further prevents penetration of moisture. In a nutshell, the Ultimate Solution contains everything needed for a successful installation right out of the box and requires no acclimation. The Ultimate flooring collection is available in a variety of durable wear layers ranging from 12-mil to 28-mil.

waterproof floors

lion floor

Lions Floor uses the latest EIR embossing technology with an impressive eight to ten iterations on film designs. This groundbreaking ability delivers a premium look to rich and vibrant wood-like floors. The company’s innovative 1.8m planks offer a premium look that aims to achieve the realism of woodgrain veneer. The seven collections of classic yet stylish SPC floors all feature state-of-the-art, registered relief technology resulting in highly durable 100% waterproof floors.

Look after

Välinge’s 5G Dry patented technology may be a small innovation in scope, but it represents a quantum leap in the world of floor locking systems, the company said. It’s the same quick, easy and durable installation technology as the popular 5G Fold Down, but updated with a unique, waterproof connection. The result is zero leakage through the seams of the floor panels.

The new waterproof technology adds benefits to any type of floor and is invaluable in extending the performance and life of laminate, composite wood and genuine hardwood products. Today, many wood-based floors on the market claim to be waterproof, but allow water to seep through the joints. Upgrading with 5G Dry has been proven to significantly improve product performance without the need for additional coating or chemicals.

waterproof floors

Mannington: TimberPlus

Mannington’s TimberPlus combines the natural beauty of hardwoods with extreme durability. TimberPlus is 100% real hardwood that is said to be 2x more scratch and 3x more dent resistant than regular hardwood and is waterproof thanks to the company’s SpillShield Plus technology, 5G Dry profile that prevents water seeping into the subfloor and a core with high moisture resistance.

TimberPlus is real hardwood from head to toe. TimberPlus consists of European white oak in a long and wide format and features extra large hardwood planks measuring 8 inches wide x 2 meters long and made with a technique that allows 10x more floors to be produced from the same amount of wood as traditional wood flooring.

The Dixie Group

The new TRUCOR Prime Pinnacle collection offers the largest WPC planks available today, according to The Dixie Group. The shelves are 30 cm wide x 90 cm long. The Prime Pinnacle collection will be at home in large homes with wide open spaces and will also fit in mid-sized homes with today’s open floor plans, making any space appear larger.

The rugged construction offers an IXPE attached pad, 20 mil wear layer, TruWear acrylic coating, embossed-in-register technology and painted bevels. Prime Pinnacle has introduced 12 new colors to match both residential and commercial interior trends.

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i4F’s i-Click4U is a water-resistant, one-piece drop-lock system for floor installation. Focused on the installation of laminate and parquet floors, i-Click4U complements the company’s successful Click4U technology and has exceeded all the requirements of the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) regarding water-resistant floors, including the requirement that panels must withstand water for a minimum of 24 hours. The system has also been independently tested and approved by accredited German and French testing institutes.

Unlike other one-piece floor locking systems, I4F’s i-Click4U technology eliminates the need for chemical sprays or additional sealants, such as wax or paraffin, which are normally required to prevent water from leaking into the floor panel joints .

Shaw Floors

Part of the Floorté Classic series, Titan Platinum is designed to be softer, warmer and quieter underfoot, offering the style customers want with the performance they need. The design and performance coat features authentic wood graphics and texture, while the company’s signature Armorbead finish protects against scratches and dents. The thicker WPC core is 100% waterproof with added foaming agents for increased warmth and comfort. When it comes to unwanted noise, Titan Platinum has an attached Soft Silence acoustic pad, providing more peace and quiet.

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Calypso Oak, part of the COREtec Originals (WPC) collection, emphasizes comfort and luxury. The line features a thick, cushioned 8mm core and improved chamfers, allowing dealers to share a lofty visual story with customers.

As a “Available Now” style, Calypso Oak has guaranteed stock and guaranteed priority shipping. For retailers, that means fast sales and happy homeowners – all backed by COREtec’s 100% waterproof, pet-safe, child-resistant promise and a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.


NovaFloor’s Dansbee is available in a waterproof rigid core format. The line features blonde tones, clean visuals and generous proportions – all designed to recreate a chic, effortless style inspired by Southern California life. Color options include French oak, white ash, brushed oak and contemporary maple. Designed to accentuate the organic elements of the home, Dansbee has designed a clean aesthetic to add warmth to the home.

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Featuring MSI-exclusive engineering, the Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring Series features an extra thick solid core construction with a pre-attached, 2mm closed cell comfort and acoustic pad for a luxurious experience. Featuring MSI’s patent-pending DryLuxe technology, the Smithcliffs collection offers 100% waterproof protection and the new CrystaLux Ultra protection layer, which provides durability and longevity and protects against everyday use. With built-in antimicrobial protection, Smithcliffs is ideal for any environment.


Pergo Extreme Ultra makes it easy to offer customers extreme durability at any cost. Pergo Extreme Ultra is dent resistant, child safe, pet resistant and waterproof, which translates into fewer customer claims. With WetProtect technology, Pergo Extreme Ultra offers the right kind of waterproofing with waterproof connections, a patented waterproof finish and a lifetime warranty on the surface and subfloor.

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The latest example of innovative laminate flooring from Eternity is called Ecoessent Incore eco-engineered composite waterproof laminate flooring with an Aqua Fiber waterproof core with a total thickness of 12.3mm. Ecoessent Incore is designed and tested to withstand daily spills of household liquids for up to 72 hours. Incore is 100% kid and pet friendly and 100% wet mop safe. It features Digitalism 20/20 Technology, digitally enhanced exclusive patterns and colors designed in California.

Eternity also launched a Made in USA waterproof laminate line called AquaFi. This exclusive lineup consists of 10mm and 12mm collections with acoustic pad attached. Eternity AquaFi also features the Aqua Fiber waterproof core system with AC4EVERPLUS scratch and dent resistance, Spill-Resist technology, lifetime residential warranty and most importantly, AquaFi is GreenGuard Gold certified.


Made in Germany, Inhaus’ Elandura is a new generation of health-conscious eco-vinyl. The collection is made using Ceramin – a patented production process – and is beautiful, high performing and 100% waterproof and recyclable. Thanks to the Ceramin technology, Classen Group, the parent company of Inhaus, can make a very robust product that is truly waterproof, resistant to temperature changes and has ultra-low VOC emissions. Elandura’s is also 100% recyclable.

The collection consists of 13 styles (11 wood and two stone). Designs feature 21 (16 tiles) unique planks or 51 square feet of unique decor. Visuals are printed with HD digital printing with UV protected inks for an ultra-realistic look.

waterproof floors

NovoCore Q

Up to 6x quieter than standard SPC, NovoCore’s Quiet is a good choice for waterproof floors. Quiet is a specially developed vinyl floor that supports the search for a quieter, high-quality solution for hard surfaces. It consists of multiple individual layers of different materials designed for each block specific frequencies for a vastly improved acoustic performance, adding sound absorption to all the other benefits a waterproof click floor has to offer.

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