Vermont gravel now pit home to 1.65-MW solar project

Encore Renewable Energy built a 1.65-MWAC/2.3-MWDC solar panel in a former gravel pit in Hardwick, Vermont, which will serve homes and businesses in the city.

Credit: Encore Renewable Energy

“This new solar panel on an underutilized gravel pit will bring tremendous value to Hardwick Electric customers,” said Michael Sullivan, general manager of the Hardwick Electric Department. “Providing sustainable, reliable and most importantly affordable electricity to our customers is paramount and our community can trust that Hardwick Electric has invested in cost-effective solar energy.”

The project site, owned by Hardwick Electric Department, has recently been decommissioned. The solar panel site now includes a pollinator-friendly ground cover to support vital habitats for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths and other insects, while improving soil quality and increasing carbon sequestration.

“Municipality companies like Hardwick Electric are responding to their customers’ desire for more clean energy sources and leading the energy transition here in Vermont,” said Chad Farrell, CEO and founder of Encore Renewable Energy. “This new range is a prime example of solar energy delivering triple bottom line value by converting a former city-owned gravel pit into a revenue-generating asset for the City of Hardwick and its municipal electricity customers.”

This is the fourth solar panel to come online since the partnership between Encore Renewable Energy and Vermont Public Power Supply Authority came into being in 2018. Under the partnership, Encore will build approximately 10 MW of solar capacity in all utility areas that are member of the VPPSA and VPPSA will take over electrical generation, bringing Vermont closer to its commitment of 90% renewable energy by 2050.

News item from Encore Renewable Energy

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