UVHeal SafeAir introduces a new HVAC air disinfectant for air conditioning systems- Technology News, Firstpost

Airific Systems, a Delhi-based tech startup, has launched the UVHeal SafeAir, a UV-based HVAC air disinfectant for central air conditioning systems. The product ‘Made in India’ helps to make the air virus-free. The UVHeal SafeAir is intended to purify the air in public places such as airports, hospitals, theaters, hotels, offices, schools & colleges, restaurants and even industrial areas, where central air conditioning systems are deployed.

The product uses UV light to purify the artificial air from the central AC systems. It is also entirely made in India thus promoting the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Experts suggest that viruses such as COVID-19 can easily spread through indoor HVAC air circulation systems. Given the current Coronavirus pandemic that is upon us, the new UVHeal SafeAir product is proving helpful in stopping the spread of the virus and other harmful viruses and bacteria.

The company claims that UVHeal purifies the circulating air by destroying the DNA or RNA of dangerous viruses and bacteria. This, in turn, prevents them from spreading.

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