United Surface Solutions partners with Unilin

Waregem, Belgium – United Surface Solutions and Unilin Technologies have entered into a licensing agreement regarding digital printing and texturing technologies, enabling United Surface Solutions to leverage the broadest patent portfolio in digital printing, according to Unilin.

The advanced digital printing and texturing machines of Barberan, headquartered in Spain, and the consumables developed by the Italian company ZEETREE have led to this digital offering. The solution was specifically developed with the goal of ultra-high resolution direct-to-board printing, enhanced wear layers to provide Class AC5 scratch resistance, and state-of-the-art digital embossing and durability never before seen on SPC products. Unilin said.

“We are very excited to be using this world-class technology,” said Eric Ericson of United Surface Solutions. “The Unilin license agreement, combined with the latest Barberan equipment and ZEETREE consumables, is the culmination of an extensive 3-year global research effort by our team. We have taken great care and discretion in our research and selection of these technologies to ensure that our investment will deliver improved quality products and superior value to the marketplace. Our current installation and development timeline plans to have the product available for sale from December, with EIR digital embossing available early in Q2.”

Unilin Technologies said it has obtained the most relevant and comprehensive digital texturing patents, such as early blockbuster patents US 11,198,318, issued December 14, 2021, and US 11,236,514 issued February 1, 2022.

“Barberan was the first in the industry to begin developing digital printing technology for the furniture and flooring markets in 2004, resulting in state-of-the-art equipment and a very deep understanding of the technology,” said Eladio Lerga, Head of Digital R&D at Barberan .

Giorgio Macor, CEO of ZEETREE, added: “Since 2016, we have been pioneering the design, development and production of high quality digital texture solutions to reproduce wood and stone like never before. The combination of digital printing with natural digital texture in accordance with the image creates the look and feel of a real wood product. Unlike other applications, the texture is created in the wear layer with unparalleled wear resistance.”

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