Unilin to present patented ceramic technologies

ceramic tilesWaregem, Belgium—Unilin Technologies is presenting its SynchroTile & SynchroTile+ patent packages at the 2022 International Surface Event in Las Vegas, according to the company. These products are based on innovative print-in-register and digital texturing technologies for ceramic tiles, which the company said it started the R&D for in 2008. SynchroTile and SynchroTile+ provide ceramic manufacturers the freedom to achieve remarkable, realistic and natural effects on ceramic tiles , according to Unilin.

SynchroTile is a licensable technology for printing specific surface decoration in register with a correspondingly textured ceramic body. The use of a state-of-the-art camera inspection system recognizes the 3D texture on the base body. This texture is then synchronized with multiple graphic patterns and glazes. The SynchroTile technology package contains multiple worldwide print-in-register patents, according to the company.

SynchroTile+ is a licensable production technology using digital printing to create 3D structure in ceramic tiles. The patent portfolio contains multiple negative and/or positive embossing production methods. The first method includes the use of digital glaze to create a surface texture before or after printing the decorative design. The second method involves a glue being digitally printed in a predefined pattern and then a powder being spread onto the glue. A third method includes generating a structured ceramic 3D tile by using a sinking agent as a substance to interact with the glaze during firing or a “resist” that repels the glaze before the firing process.

Unilin will also launch SquareClic, a technology that ensures a perfectly aligned floor throughout the whole installation, at TISE 2022. It also recently announced it will launch a new bevel technology for resilient floors called Unigrout at the show. According to the company, the new type of bevel is almost indistinguishable from real grout, and provides the look of real ceramics with all the benefits of an SPC floor. In addition, Unilin will launch two new, PVC-free core technologies at Surfaces: XPC and P-SPC. The new cores are the next step forward in the resilient flooring revolution, the company said, bringing improved performance and increased sustainability to the table.

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