Unilin to launch SquareClic at TISE 2022

SquareClicWaregem, Belgium—Unilin Technologies said it will launch SquareClic, a technology that ensures a perfectly aligned floor throughout the installation, at TISE 2022.

According to Unilin, the flooring industry has been looking for a solution to make checkerboard pattern installations with a click system for a long time. The challenge for manufacturers has always been the accuracy required to make an SPC tile perfectly ‘square’. The smallest tolerances or errors during the manufacturing process would make the tiles difficult to install, the company said.

“Due to standard production tolerances, square floorboards almost always show deviations in their size,” says Floris Koopmans, IP sales director. “These tolerances add up when laying multiple tiles, making it nearly impossible to lay an entire floor in a checkerboard pattern. SquareClic technology ensures that any intersection of four installed square panels remains perfectly positioned with edges aligned, even when using a hammer-assisted installation.”

Unilin also recently announced that it will be launching a new resilient floor beveling technology called Unigrout at TISE 2022. According to the company, the new type of grout is almost indistinguishable from real grout and gives the appearance of real ceramics with all the advantages of an SPC floor.

In addition, Unilin is launching two new, PVC-free core technologies on Surfaces: XPC and P-SPC. The new cores are the next step in the resilient flooring revolution, the company said, bringing improved performance and greater durability to the table.

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