Unilin reinforces ceramic tile patent portfolio

patent portfolio for ceramic tilesWaregem, Belgium—Unilin Technologies announced the notification of US patent application number 17/213,348. The patent specifically relates to ceramic tiles where the structure is formed in the glaze and in register with the printed decor.

This patent will be incorporated into Unilin Technologies’ comprehensive patent portfolio for ceramic tiles on digital surface texture technologies. The SynchroTile technology package also contains important knowledge to create a surface texture via digital glaze such as patent EP2108524.

In addition, important patents have been granted to Unilin Technologies related to digital powder glazing technology, such as patent EP2542426, the company said. It involves digitally printing a glue in a predefined pattern and then spreading a powder on the glue, creating beautiful relief structures after vacuum removal of unglued powder and then firing.

“This new fee strengthens Unilin Technologies’ broad patent portfolio SynchroTile on print-in-register and digital texturing technologies for ceramics,” said Floris Koopmans, IP sales director. “This innovation opens up a range of design possibilities. For example, it enhances the handmade appearance of modern Moroccan tile collections that have recently come onto the market. We are excited to share and showcase these and other technology packages at the TECNA trade show in Rimini.”

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