U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Receives A New Roof

Individuals from Southeastern Roofing and Construction install a new roof for veteran James Marshall Jr. of the US Marine Corps and his wife.

The sound of hammering echoed throughout the Brandon neighborhood, home to James Marshall Jr., a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and his wife. Through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County Florida, Inc., the Marshalls were selected and approved as the recipients for a new roof replacement; the Marshalls got a shingle roof.

James shared his thoughts on his new roof: “We had some problems with our roof and I was really struggling with my efforts to save money, and it was also a battle with the pandemic for a long time.”

He added: “I’m also grateful for the people like these who take care of me because I’ve been through hard times.”

Individuals wearing bright orange shirts from Southeastern Roofing and Construction, LLC could be seen on the roof with tools in hand to install a new roof as part of the Owens Corning National Roof Deployment Project. Southeastern Roofing and Construction is also an Owens Corning Platinum Roofing Contractor. Since the start of this program in 2016, more than 275 soldiers have been given new roofs. Southeastern Roofing and Construction donated the labor and the Owens Corning Foundation donated the roofing materials.

Ed Kappaz, president of Southeastern Roofing and Construction, shared how he felt his company got involved in this project, saying, “Owens Corning gives us the opportunity to partner with Hillsborough Florida Inc.’s Habitat for Humanity. through this restitution program, it makes me feel good to be able to help veterans in need.”

Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Initiative was established in 2019. Veterans must meet specific qualifications to be admitted into the program they are applying to.

Nitza Rivera, Veterans Build and neighborhood revitalization program manager at Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough Florida, Inc., shared her hopes for this initiative.

“We hope to help more veterans improve their lives,” Rivera said.

For more information visit https://www.habitathillsborough.org. For more information about Owens Corning, visit: https://www.owenscorning.com/en-us. For more information on Southeast Roofing and Construction, visit: https://www.seroof.com.

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