Trade workers go for gold at the so-called Plumbers’ Olympics

MONTREAL – The Olympic Games in Tokyo are fast approaching, but at the Verdun Adult and Career Center there were some gloomy and dirtier games going on on Sunday.

That’s where participants competed in the Skills Canada Virtual National Competition, also known as the Sanitary Olympics.

“It’s quite stressful, to be honest,” said competitor Paolo Gualtieri. “But I am happy to represent my school.”

Gualtieri is a relative newcomer to the professional trade, having spent 12 years in the financial world.

“I wasn’t happy where I was at that point in my life, I felt like I was being covered,” he said. “I enjoy working with my hands, so I decided to change careers.”

According to VACC director Kara Woods, he is not the only one making the switch to working with his hands.

“As a result of COVID, people are re-evaluating their careers or looking for a new career and we have had an influx of students from the ages of 18 to 60 who wanted something different, wanted something hands-on, ” she said.

Gualtieri’s rookie status put him at a bit of a disadvantage, said his coach, Angelo Afenticoglou.

“The other competitors across Canada have already gained experience and have competed at a few provincial level competitions, but he hasn’t. But he’s doing really well, ”he said.

Like any athlete, precision and timing are key to success in competitions held and judged by judges across the country pretty much this year.

The results of the competition will be announced on June 15th.

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