Toray Resin Company adds almost 1-MW solar project to power operations

Duke Energy Indiana’s 900-kW solar facility to support energy operations on Toray Resin Company’s Shelbyville campus is now in operation. Construction on the 8-acre, ground-mounted solar project began in October 2021 and was completed at the end of August 2022.

The solar project is the first to emerge from a Duke Energy pilot program that aims to make it easier for businesses, schools and nonprofits to incorporate clean, renewable energy sources into their energy mix.

“We are excited to partner with Toray Resin on this renewable energy venture,” said Stan Pinegar, president of Duke Energy Indiana. “This unique lease will help power the company’s manufacturing operations in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, while also demonstrating how our neighbors, businesses and communities can come together to make meaningful progress toward a cleaner energy future.”

Under the program, Duke Energy will own, operate and maintain the Blue River Solar Facility on Toray Resin’s Shelbyville campus for a monthly service fee. The program provides Toray Resin with the benefits of clean energy to power their operations, while minimizing initial costs and maintenance obligations.

“Toray Resin Company and our parent company, Toray Industries, plan to be a leader in the future use of renewable energy by jointly developing affordable, reliable and cleaner energy,” said Dennis Godwin, president of Toray Resin Company. “This joint agreement with Duke Energy Indiana furthers Toray’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy solutions such as solar that are reliable, scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable, directly supporting our core business strategy.”

Under Duke Energy’s pilot program for solar services, eligible Indiana customers can lease an on-site solar system for up to 20 years. Duke Energy installs, operates, owns and maintains the system, while customers receive all kWh and solar credit (SREC). Initial program capacity is limited to a total of 10 MW for eligible commercial and industrial customers within the Duke Energy Indiana service area.

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