Tigo works to eliminate signal issues with new rapid shutdown device feature

Tigo announced the launch of its Pure Signal Technology for Tigo RSS channels. Designed to improve powerline communications (PLC) signal quality, Pure Signal technology reduces the impact of electromagnetic interference in large-scale solar systems. Tigo RSS transmitters with Pure Signal technology are based on patented advanced fast shutdown technology and are combined with a leading list of external solar inverters. of system (BOS) and labor costs.

The Tigo RSS Transmitter with Pure Signal technology is designed to serve Tigo customers deploying increasingly larger and more complex systems for the commercial and industrial solar markets. Failures in PLC signals, often referred to as ‘crosstalk’, can lead to reduced effectiveness of system communication functions in large-scale systems. With Tigo Pure Signal technology, cables from different circuits or adjacent inverters no longer run the risk of PLC signal interference.

“Pure Signal technology has helped us avoid a significant amount of rework after a design review found that some of our cable runs are at risk of crosstalk problems,” said Mike Ulanski, director of construction at Catalyze. “Without the ability to quickly deploy the new Tigo RSS transmitter, the project’s timeline and profitability would have been hit. Tigo’s installation guidelines and design review have been extremely helpful, but this Pure Signal technology gives us much more flexibility in both design and installation phases.”

Tigo RSS transmitters with Pure Signal technology are UL PVRSS certified with hundreds of inverter models from leading manufacturers. The new generation of RSS transmitters with Pure Signal technology are compatible with the TS4-AF and TS4-A-2F rapid business shutdown product family and can be easily integrated into new projects or retrofitted into existing installations.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, reliable and flexible MLPE solutions to meet customer needs for various system configurations. Pure Signal technology fulfills that mission,” said Jing Tian, ​​Chief Growth Officer at Tigo Energy. “With Pure Signal technology, we are opening up a new universe of design possibilities for solar installations and delivering cost savings in BOS and labor. I am delighted to see companies like Catalyze commit to taking full advantage of the solution.”

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