Thieves steal Eschberger Plumbing Company van, equipment worth thousands of dollars

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) — Last Thursday, thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of plumbing equipment from Eschberger Plumbing Company, including a company bus, catalytic converters and personal staff supplies. The van was found later that night, completely set on fire in Cherokee County.

“That particular truck was a truck carrying a 72-year-old Vietnam veteran who has been in plumbing for over 50 years and every tool he ever bought has been stolen,” said Rodney Eschberger Sr., owner of Eschberger Plumbing Company. said.

“It’s pathetic. I feel sorry for the other guys, but we’ll buy them so new drills and some new tools, and life goes on. But for him, he’ll never be able to replace some of these tools,” Eschberger said of the employee who had the equipment in the van that was set on fire.

The company has installed additional security cameras and is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

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