‘These people are a blessing.’

The rainy weather in South Texas took a break on Wednesday, giving roofers plenty of time to repair the entire roof of Juan Manrique’s home.

RoofTop 101 arrived at his home on the 1000 block of St. Mary’s Street Wednesday morning. They immediately got to work removing and repairing Manrique’s roof.

“He won’t have a problem with rain. It’s been a blessing. RoofTop 101 has been ramped up,” said David Salinas, the Jim Wells County Veterans Service officer. “The only thing Manrique has to worry about is taking care of his wife.”

RoofTop 101 employees work on the repair of Juan Manrique's house.

The roofing company saw a news report about an Alice man in dire need of a roof and caught the attention of a roofing company. After years of seeking help, Manrique finally got a new roof.

“These people are a blessing. They are here repairing my roof from the heart,” Manrique said.

RoofTop 101 employees removed plywood, shingles and other roofing material before they could begin work on the new roof for veteran Juan Manrique.

“We’re just trying to help a person in need,” said Paul Rueda, RoofTop 101 project manager.

Manrique’s home has fallen into disrepair since Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Since then, Manrique said his house would leak every time it rained and he needed to sort out his belongings so they wouldn’t be destroyed.

Manrique, an Army veteran, shares the home with his 49-year-old wife, Idalia. Idalia has medical problems and over the years Manrique has had to take care of her on a limited income. He counts on community help, but always uses the money for her medical expenses.

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