The Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roofing Option for Self-Storage Owners

This white paper from BETCO Inc. explains how an aging roof detracts from the attractiveness of a self-storage facility and creates business risks. Get insights to determine if your roof needs to be replaced and why metal-on-metal roof renovation can be a quick, cost-effective solution.

Important tips for your business:

  • Signs that an outdated roof needs to be replaced
  • How a metal roof can create energy efficiency
  • The Tax and Cost Separation Incentives Behind Metal-to-Metal Roofing

Founded in 1984, BETCO Inc. provides custom self-storage buildings of any shape and size to developers around the world. The company designs, manufactures and builds all kinds of structures, from small single-storey buildings to large multi-storey buildings. The products are expertly designed and artfully constructed from the plate to every demand. Offerings include boat/RV storage, custom parts/cladding, climate controlled buildings, hallway systems, roll up doors, roof/wall panels, new roofs and more.

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