The Dixie Group launches reimagined Masland website

Masland websiteDalton—In response to the ever-growing trend of consumers doing their preliminary research, shopping and making decisions on everything from electronics to household items, from their phone or computer, Masland has launched a new website to make it simple and hassle-free .

Making it easier for today’s consumers is the focus of the new experience. The company has added three key features to the Masland website that make shopping a breeze:

  1. Visualization: The consumer can upload an image of their space and see what the designs and colors will look like.
  2. Samples: The consumer can order samples to be shipped directly to their home without leaving the bank.
  3. Where to Buy: The new dealer locator will also find the nearest store that can meet their needs regarding the product they want.

The new also includes features such as new filters and efficient browsing, innovative room visualization technology, and online sample ordering.

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