TDG sponsors FCEF to support flooring craftsmen

The Dixie GroupDalton—The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) has added a new corporate sponsor to its list of partners providing ongoing financial support. The Dixie Group (TDG) donated the first $50,000 and said it will continue to support FCEF with financial contributions.

“We are proud to do our part to help the industry recruit and train the next generation of flooring installers,” said Kennedy Frierson, vice president and COO of TDG. “We understand the challenges our industry faces with a shortage of professional installers and want to be part of the solution.”

FCEF relies on corporate sponsors and individual donors to fund scholarships, program development and awareness campaigns. “Without the support of the entire industry, we will not be able to make the big impact it takes to truly change the downward trend in floor installers,” said Jim Aaron, FCEF Executive Director. “Financial commitments like those of The Dixie Group help us focus on solutions, knowing we can take action.”

TDG joins many other suppliers and procurement groups to support FCEF’s efforts to find effective solutions and quickly establish programs to grow the floor installer population, the company said. “We have a big consciousness problem and it won’t be solved overnight,” Aaron said. “We’ve had some quick wins over the past year, but we still have an uphill battle ahead of us and we need all the support we can get.”

According to Frierson, one of TDG’s core values ​​is to make its customers more successful. “Supporting FCEF is one way we can do this,” Frierson said. “We know that our customers need qualified installers to sell more floors and have a successful future.”

FCEF is actively expanding training programs in technical colleges and within other groups across the country. FCEF said it is also working to spread awareness among young people and those seeking new career opportunities. Individuals and businesses can support FCEF through monetary donations, training material donations and awareness raising.

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