Sweaty Pipes Or Condensation? Slater Was About To Call A Plumber

It’s been hot lately. Like, 90 degrees hot, a heat wave in early June! We all know the tips to keep your home cool, right? Close the windows, close the blinds, don’t use the oven or dishwasher, etc.

Now my basement normally stays cool; but last night i was a bit panicked when i was doing laundry. I saw a little trickle of water on the concrete floor, kind of like when you drip gutters on the grass and leave that gully on the lawn.

Immediately I looked up and discovered what I thought were my sweat pipes; but I soon noticed that it was only the cold water pipe and that the whole length was wet. I mean wetAlso, these drops were huge!

So I googled pipe condensation and realized I didn’t need a plumber after all. How did I not notice this before? At least I don’t remember seeing this in my basement. I mean, I’ve seen the toilet bowl condense before, just not the pipes in the basement.

Normally I run the dehumidifier when it starts to get hot, and most importantly, when it starts to get moist.

The cold water pipes attract the moisture from the warm air, causing condensation on the outside of the water supply pipes. Sufficient condensation may form on the pipes and they may drip and form puddles on the floor. The process is like sweating a glass of cold water on a hot and humid summer day. –thepinkplumber.com

It’s all about the dew point temperature. The dew point temperature is the temperature to which the air must be cooled before dew or frost begins to form.

As you can see the dew point temperature is high today.

After extrapolating some moisture from the basement air using the dehumidifier, the condensation on the pipes dried up.

Constant condensation on pipes can be harmful to subfloors, tiles, drywall and especially in dark areas where mold can grow. Pipe insulation can help.

Don’t be fooled like I did!

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