Sungrow brings new inverters, liquid-cooled energy storage systems to CLEANPOWER 2022

Sungrow’s booth at CLEANPOWER 2022.

Sungrow showcased its latest PV inverters and liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS) solutions to the North American market at CLEANPOWER 2022 from May 16-18.

Optimized for utility-scale solar power plants, Sungrow introduced both central and string inverter portfolios, including the latest 1500 V string inverter, the SG350HX and a 3.6 MW central turnkey station. The SG350HX has a power output of 352 kW and is a perfect match for large-format high-efficiency modules and tracking systems. In addition, it has a larger modular design, allowing for a lower LCOE for the factory.

Sungrow also showed its commercial inverters, the SG36CX-US and SG60CX-US, for various installations. The products enable a high DC/AC ratio of 1.5, leading to higher efficiency for a project. In addition, they are equipped with online IV curve scanning and diagnostics functions, tracking any problems in real time and significantly reducing OPEX.

In terms of storage, Sungrow’s liquid-cooled ESS PowerTitan reduces capital and operating costs thanks to its pre-assembled and simple installation design. The new cluster controller can charge and discharge individual battery racks, improving overall system performance by 6%. The automatic state of charge calibration (SoC) and the automatic coolant replenishment system significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Neil Bradshaw, Sungrow’s senior technical sales manager for ESS key accounts, emphasized during a session that energy storage security is not a unique strategy, especially as projects grow in size and increasingly involve a variety of renewable energy sources.

“Safety is Sungrow’s priority. We offer safer battery solutions with multiple safety features, from cell level to module, rack and system level. The new liquid-cooled ESS PowerTitan can alleviate some of the problems associated with advanced liquid cooling thermal management and AI monitoring for battery cells, optimizing both safety and yields,” said Bradshaw.

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