Strawder Family Innovations Expands US Manufacturing Capability for The RIDGEPRO™

This month’s major expansion, from 1,200 square meters to more than 5,500 square meters, allows the company to unify all production and distribution under one roof.

EAST CANTON, OHIO, USA, June 1, 2021 / – Creating good manufacturing jobs in Ohio is a goal of Strawder Family Innovations since the launch of its unique professional-grade roof protection in 2013. This month’s major production expansion, from 1,200 square meters to more than 5,500 square meters, enables the company to bring all aspects of production and distribution together in one roof. The company’s flagship product, The RIDGEPRO ™, has consistently earned its reputation as the first-class safety device for steep slopes.

The need for additional manufacturing / distribution space became apparent when the company entered into distribution agreements with leading companies in a wide variety of industries. The new facility will triple production capacity while improving the efficiency of the company’s distribution chain. “This expansion is now being completed due to steadily increasing demand from our customers who recognize the value of our handcrafted product,” said Brandon Strawder, CEO of Strawder Family Innovations. “We remain committed to keeping our production entirely in the US. Ohio is our home base and we want to share our success locally by creating good manufacturing jobs in the state ”.

The RIDGEPRO ™ is known for its high-quality workmanship, versatility and simplicity for roofers and others who need to climb roofs for inspections, repairs or evaluations. The product increases worker safety by enabling a direct connection to the peak from a ladder, eliminating the need for a second ladder or stepping onto the roof unassisted. An employee’s rope and harness are connected directly to the unit and provide a safe lifeline for dismounting the ladder on the roof.

First known and used by insurance experts who often make multiple roof rises in one day, the word quickly spread to solar roofers and mechanics. The RIDGEPRO ™ has been tested by UL Global Safety Certification Company and meets or exceeds OSHA roof anchor regulations.

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