Stonewater Roofing gives back to Tyler teachers by clearing Amazon wishlist | Local News

It was a happy day for two teachers from Owens Elementary in Tyler. With excitement and joy at receiving items from their Amazon wish lists, faces lit up as Stonewater Roofing employees delivered Amazon boxes for the teachers.

The winners were chosen at random and this year there were two teachers from Tyler ISD; Risa Wasik and Kayla Whiddon, both of Owens Elementary School.

When the boxes were opened, the two fifth grade teachers were excited and imagined how they would use their wish list items.

Wasik is a reading and social studies teacher and Whiddon is a science teacher.

When she found out she was a winner, Wasik said she cried. She also shared that she could not afford the items on her wish list and that she was saving them for later or next year.

Wasik expressed how grateful she was, especially because she didn’t have to deal with the guilt of buying certain expensive items.

“This is a $100 book, I couldn’t justify buying it for myself. It will be very useful, but $100 can buy you a lot of other stuff, especially when a lot of our kids come to school without all the supplies.” like I should probably buy pencils, composition books, markers or anything else they might have in their hands,” Wasik said.

When unwrapping one of the items, Wasik imagined how she intended to use the items as a positive reward opportunity.

“I’m going to use this gumball machine to encourage full sentences and this will be their reward for remembering to use them. I was thinking of using certain colors like if they turn yellow then there’s no homework for the week, so it’s going to be a positive reward for the classroom,” she said.

For fifth grade physics teacher Whiddon, her focus has been on buying items that allow students to gain hands-on experience.

“I think it’s really important to have practical pieces, something for them to see, like a model of how big the sun is compared to the Earth. Something they can play with, life cycles or food webs or whatever it is for them to have in their hand,” Whiddon said.

Both teachers expressed gratitude to Stonewater Roofing and said they appreciate the support for local educators.

“It means so much because many of us don’t make a lot of money and we can’t afford such supplies, so to have someone who supports us and sees us as important. Especially when we came out of the COVID year, we teachers had so much criticism. It’s really good to know that people support us and know what we’re doing,” Wasik said.

“These children are going to be the future, they are going back to our community and making a difference like you are,” added Whiddon.

This is the third year Stonewater Roofing has given back by hosting their #clearthelist campaign in East Texas, with the company focused on helping underpaid educators by fulfilling their Amazon wish lists.

Instructors ranged from elementary to high school and stretched from the DFW to Longview.

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