Standard Solar, Acadia Energy to build solar project on site of former biomass plant

Standard Solar is partnering with Acadia Energy to develop a 7.5-MW solar farm in an industrial park in the Town of Fort Fairfield, Maine. The area is on the western side of the former ReEnergy biomass plant site.

The solar farm will lease land from Smith’s Farm and land previously used for a biomass power facility owned by ReEnergy Biomass Operations, which transferred the site to the Town after the facility was decommissioned.

“The Fort Fairfield project will transform the least desirable area of ​​the former industrial site into a clean energy producer that benefits the community while creating additional lots for the Town to lease or sell,” said Eric Partyka, director of business development at Standard Solar. “The Town is showing tremendous leadership and vision in taking this step toward a more sustainable future. We are proud to partner with Acadia Energy to bring the Town and Aroostook County the benefits of local clean energy.”

The fixed-tilt ground-mount system is projected to generate 9,112 MWh in its first year of operation. Smith’s Farm will use approximately 10% of the power generated. The remainder will benefit other commercial and industrial organizations throughout Aroostook County.

Construction on the project is expected to begin in May, with completion targeted for the fourth quarter of this year.

News item from Standard Solar

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