Springfield Army veteran receives new roof, thanks to nonprofits

Ronald Burger, a US Army veteran, bought a house in the Midtown neighborhood of Springfield about 12 years ago.

To say the house, which was built in 1909, needed some work is an understatement.

“It was uninhabitable,” he said, watching the roofers go to work Monday morning.

Burger worked for years to bring the blue house to life. He couldn’t move into the house until five or six years ago. And it’s a constant battle with the roof.

“I’ve done some patching here and there and done all kinds of things to prevent damage to the inside,” Burger said.

Roofing materials will be placed on top of Ronald Burgers' house, who is getting a new roof as part of the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project.

Burger’s girlfriend Debbie Good read an article on a program that helps eligible veterans get a new roof — a partnership between Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, roofing companies, and the City of Springfield’s HELP (Homeowner Emergency Loan Program).

Good helped Burger apply for the program and he was approved.

Early Monday morning, employees of Midwest Roofing, a contractor for Owens Corning, began installing a new roof on Burger’s home.

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