SPC: Why it pays to double down on cushion

Another shortcoming of some products with pre-assembled filling is that some do not always meet the IIC standards for noise classification. That is according to Tina Crossland, National Sales Manager, WE Cork, who emphasized the need to install the correct subfloor with SPC flooring. In particular, she mentioned WE Cork’s Silently LVT, a high-density underlayment made from cork and rubber. “It takes care of [great] soundproofing while increasing comfort,” she said, noting that the product can reduce sound transmission between floors. Silent LVT offers
the recommended noise ratings needed to meet building codes, she added.

Options galore

Just 1mm thick, DriTac 8301 Impact is a technologically advanced underlayment and acoustic barrier that can be installed under a wide range of resilient floors.

Despite the allure and popularity of SPC floors with attached padding, there is no shortage of aftermarket cushion products designed to enhance the durability, comfort and longevity of an already sturdy product. Most importantly, Schönox TS, a cork and recycled urethane underlayment designed to improve impact sound insulation by up to 17 decibels – all while being only 3mm thick. In addition, according to Creative Director Tracy Johnson, it improves thermal insulation, underfoot comfort and contributes to LEED v4 certification due to its low-emissivity materials.

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