South Carolina utility solar project strives to provide sanctuary for wildlife

SolRiver Capital announced the completion of Whitetail Solar, an innovative utility-scale 14 MW solar project in Dillon County, South Carolina. The project creates a biodiversity reserve between the solar panels. SolRiver partnered with NARENCO, as an installer, to take the development plans from paper to environmentally friendly solar energy generation.

The project includes:

  • Permeable fencing that allows animals to enter the area as a habitat and food source;
  • Pollinator seed mix for maintaining healthy soil;
  • A designated conservation area for trees and a conservation area; and
  • Bat, warbler and owl boxes to provide additional resting places for the animals in the area.

Whitetail Solar shows how solar projects can benefit surrounding ecosystems while providing energy. SolRiver is committed to the transition to renewable energy and strives to give people across the country access to clean energy.

“This is the first project where we have implemented a Biodiversity Plan. It proves that utility-scale development can be done in a way that preserves and even enhances the habitat it resides in,” said Brandon Conard, partner at SolRiver Capital. “The Whitetail project provides a blueprint for expanding our projects to in addition to generating solar energy, also benefit the environment.”

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