Soltage develops 5-project solar portfolio between South Carolina, Illinois

Independent power producer Soltage has developed a 31-MW portfolio of five solar projects located in both South Carolina and Illinois.

Credit: Soltage

The portfolio consists of one project in Illinois and four projects in South Carolina. The electricity generated from these projects will be sold to municipal, commercial and residential community solar customers, as well as local utilities.

“We are proud to announce this investment, building on our 15-year track record of developing and investing in renewable energy assets to serve our diverse base of electricity consumers,” said Jesse Grossman, co-founder and CEO of Soltage. “Portfolio execution on this scale involves a host of dedicated partners, both local and national, and we are grateful to them as we work to assist the US in its clean energy market transition.”

Since it was founded in 2005, Soltage has raised and invested over $1 billion into clean energy infrastructure. The company has developed over 100 clean energy projects and has more than 450 MW of total distributed generating capacity under construction and management across the country.

News item from Soltage

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