SolarEdge opens 2-GWh battery cell manufacturing facility in Korea

SolarEdge and its subsidiary Kokam Limited Company, a provider of lithium-ion batteries and integrated energy storage solutions, have announced the opening of “Sella 2”, a 2 GWh battery cell manufacturing facility. Sella 2, located in the Eumseong Innovation City of Chungcheongbuk-Do, South Korea, is currently producing test cells for certification, with a ramp-up expected in the second half of 2022.

Once ramped up, Sella 2 will enable SolarEdge to have its own supply of lithium-ion batteries and the infrastructure to develop new battery cell chemistry and technologies. The facility plans to manufacture battery cells for SolarEdge’s residential solar-connected batteries, as well as battery cells for a variety of industries, including mobile applications, energy stationary storage solutions (ESS) and UPS applications. The facility may scale its battery cell capacity in the future to meet the growing need for storage solutions offered by the company.

“The opening of Sella 2 is an important milestone for SolarEdge,” said Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge. “It enables us to own the key processes for developing and manufacturing advanced energy storage solutions for our core solar businesses and complementary applications, while further securing the resilience of our supply chain. We are committed to growing our business in the energy storage market, as well as our investments in battery cell technology and cell manufacturing, and further strengthening our storage product portfolio.”

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