Solar One, AC Power team up to offer internships for high school, college students

Solar Onea non-profit organization committed to being NYC’s green energy education center and alternating currenta solar energy company, have announced a partnership to offer innovative career readiness and workforce development programs to prepare high school and college students for jobs in the clean energy industry.

At the pre-university level, Solar One and AC Power have teamed up to co-host an internship that provides a high school experience in both the non-profit and corporate worlds. Zerlina Torras has just completed a five-month internship at Solar One and AC Power.

“These internships gave me a lot of growth. In both stages, my confidence and initiative were quite low in the beginning. As I warmed up, I became more self-sufficient and more confident in my ability to: teach at SolarOne and at AC Power to teach, listen and make the most of what I learned,” said Torras, who hair will start. freshman at the University of Vermont this fall.

Working with both organizations has allowed Zerlina to apply the skills gained during the Solar One-led PV training courses to AC Power’s development work in the solar field.

At the college level, AC Power has partnered with Solar One to leverage their workforce development expertise and tailor personalized NABCEP certification training for County College of Morris (CCM) students. Certification helps job seekers gain a competitive advantage when applying for solar jobs.

AC Power and Solar One are excited to continue expanding, strengthening their existing relationship and discovering new synergies to excite and enable people to join the green energy workforce.

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