Shocking! Plumber charges Rs 4 lakh for a mere repair work

A plumber in the UK is making headlines thanks to the amount he charged a customer for his service. The plumber has reportedly charged a whopping Rs 4 lakh for mere work.

According to reports, a resident identified as Ashley Douglas called the plumber after his kitchen was flooded at 1 am.

Pic Credit: Solent

Much to his shock, the plumber made a bill for £ 4,000 (Rs 4,10,761.60) after repairing the pipe. Ashley was shocked when she saw the bill.

According to reports, Ashley had asked the plumber about the money before starting the service, but he completely ignored the request and continued to work. But after the completion of the work, the plumber made the bill.

Pic Credit: Solent

He charged £ 288 for parts and £ 3,574.80 for labor, he added.

Not only this, the plumber pressured Ashley to give him money immediately.

Ashley explained, “When I initially asked about the money, he ignored it completely. He was constantly busy with his job. Then I was shocked when I saw the bill he gave after work ‘. Ashley went on to say, ‘The bill was £ 3900, or four lakh rupees. He immediately asked for all the money. Then an argument broke out between the two of us. “

On the other hand, the plumber said, ‘I’ll charge £ 1 million an hour if I want to, it’s no one’s business. I charge based on expertise and knowledge. I set my price, I don’t give anything back to anyone. “

On this matter, however, Neil Douglas, who runs ND Plumbing Services in Whitchurch, said the job costs £ 260 and takes less than an hour.

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