SFN Dealer Summit: Event provides valuable learning opportunities

For example, during his visit to Nampa Floors & Interiors at the SFN Dealer Summit, Doug McCool said he was impressed by the QR codes used on samples. “With all the price increases, it encourages me to implement QR codes,” he said.

Carmen McCool, meanwhile, said one of the best practices she’d learned from members in the past at an SFN Dealer Summit was that customers could pay their invoices online by going to the website, finding the invoice number and checking the bill accurately and securely. to pay.

Members who attended the Advisory Board meeting also quickly imparted their knowledge and provided helpful advice. An example of this was Jennifer Homemyer, who runs The Design House in Denton, Texas. She was spotted showing Sheldon Yoder of Columbus, Ohio-based Budget Carpet & Flooring a tutorial on the QFloors platform. “We made the move to QFloors – it’s our inventory platform, the heart of our business and that’s what I wanted to show him,” said Homemyer. “Just this time with other dealers is so valuable; it encourages members to hold this meeting, otherwise we will get stuck at home in our own vacuum with the daily grind. Knowing this opens your mind to new possibilities. It helps me sharpen my ax for when I come back.”

Yoder agreed, adding, “It’s nice to be in a group where you can bounce ideas off people. It is diverse in scope and you can learn things that you can implement and help people find solutions.”

One of his focuses was the compensation structures of employees that members use for different levels, namely managers and RSAs. “A lot of these dealers are taller than me, so I like finding out, ‘How did you get from this level to that level?’”

Rebecca Tonowski traveled from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to attend the meeting. As a designer for BFC Flooring & Design Center, she said she was brimming with ideas after attending her second SFN meeting.

“We’re not a big store at all, so it’s great to have all these great retailers at your disposal. I’ve picked up some things that I plan to implement. For example, I love how Nampa showed off their stockings; it’s so smart yet easy to do. I also want to know how they deal with their subcontractors. For example, what does a subcontractor agreement look like? How many pages is it? What are the terms and language used? I picked up so many things here.”

SFN Dealer Summit
Jennifer Homemyer of The Design House shows fellow SFN member Sheldon Yoder the QFloors software platform.

Tara Ecklund, carpet and rug buyer for Cherry Hill, NJ-based Avalon Flooring, which has 17 locations in the mid-Atlantic, said: “It’s a gift to be able to share ideas and leave with inspiration and feedback that making us all stronger leaders. . Shaw has provided us all with a unique opportunity to develop each other and shape the direction of their offerings to truly meet the needs of the dealer and consumer.”

Shaw’s Danny Crutchfield, vice president of SFN, said the SFN team has a passion for helping independent specialty stores. “We all consider it a privilege to work for and collaborate with our members. Together we build SFN services, programs and solutions that make it easier for each member of the network to do more business. It makes a huge difference – to them, to Shaw and to the industry. I am honored to be a part of this, and every time we come together in this way, I get even more excited about what lies ahead.”

Dani Brock, Director of SFN Member Engagement and Experience, agreed, adding, “We are here to support these independent entrepreneurs. ‘How can we make business easier’ is our mantra.”

Nampa Shopping Tour

It can be a daunting experience for a flooring dealer to showcase their store to colleagues at an SFN Dealer Summit. In this case, the peer review was well received, as the members gave Nampa Floors & Interiors praise. Among the things cited were the clean and uncluttered 42,000-square-foot showroom and the culture built there. An example of this: The RSA that receives the most Google reviews is rewarded with a private parking space for the month, with a sign indicating the achievement.

Kyal Wilson said he was “humiliated” by the kind words and attributed the company culture to creating an environment where staff are well paid and valued, while maintaining the right work-life balance. “We emphasize family values,” he explained. “For example, if one of the employees’ children has a ball game, we make sure that they end up with that game. And we also involve the staff in events. These were ideas brought to me by other SFN members, and it has made a difference in our business.”

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