Serving plumbing, heating and industrial customers since 1871

Image of the Brass Foundry & Finishing Building.

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Rundle Spence Mfg. Co., part of the Milwaukee landscape since 1871, serving plumbing, heating and industrial customers for 150 years

Imagine that in 1871 Ulysses S. Grant was our 18th president, the cable car was invented and the first Major League Baseball game was played. We have quite a history – our first deliveries were even made by horse and carriage.

Thomas Spence and Joseph Rundle founded the company to meet a need for high-quality sanitary products in a brand new industry.

Based in Milwaukee, our brass, iron and porcelain foundries manufactured high-quality plumbing products that were shipped around the world. South Water and Virginia Streets housed our Iron Foundry and Finishing Department, as well as many other departments. Brass sanitary faucets and fittings were manufactured in our factories on 4th Street. Also located on 4th Street, our showroom allowed customers to visualize these new plumbing products, which were increasingly used in homes.

Drinking fountains, known as “bubblers” to Wisconsin residents, also have quite a history with Rundle-Spence. Over the years, Rundle-Spence has manufactured a wide variety of these drinking fountains and used the term ‘bubbler’ in our catalogs dating back to the early 20th century.

Drinking fountains became essential to provide the public in urban communities with a good source of fresh water. Early versions of drinking fountains included a bubbling stream for humans, a trough for horses, and a bowl for dogs.

Throughout our long history, our goal has been to provide our customers with the latest technology in sanitary products, as well as an extensive inventory and skilled staff.

As Rundle-Spence evolved, our customer base diversified. In addition to plumbing, heating and industrial contractors, we also serve manufacturers, architects and institutions such as municipalities, utilities and schools. Other services we provide to our customers include on-staff engineers who assist our customers in planning and designing, manufacturing, and our RedHot services, including commercial water heater supply, boiler and water heater repair, and on-board service. site start-up services for commercial heaters and boiler installations. .

Our plumbing showrooms allow our contractors to send their clients for help with plumbing selection. We’ve also expanded our offering to include our main website, a website specific to our ShowPlace at and SMS customer service on our mainline, 262-782-3000.

Today, the 5th generation, still locally owned and operated by the Spence family, continues the company’s long tradition of exceptional customer service from our three locations in New Berlin, Madison and Fond du Lac. According to David Spence, president, “Although production was discontinued in the 1950s, the company continues to thrive, serving the plumbing, industrial, heating, water well and septic industries through innovative products and services as a wholesale distributor.” We are grateful to our many customers and vendors who have helped Rundle-Spence achieve this landmark anniversary and look forward to serving our trading professional for many years to come.

2075 S. Moorland Road
New Berlin, Wisconsin | 53151


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