ServicePlus Review – Forbes Advisor

Like other home warranty companies, ServicePlus places coverage limits on certain items. If the total cost of a repair or replacement exceeds these amounts, the policyholder is responsible for covering the remainder of the cost.

They also have coverage restrictions on certain items, for example:
Air Conditioning System: Replacement or repair of filters, condenser housings, water towers and humidifiers are not covered.
Heating System: Chimneys, pilot cleaning and relighting, and heat exchanger services are not covered.
Refrigerator: Racks, shelves, glass and ice makers are not covered under warranty unless you select an ice maker add-on when purchasing your warranty.

Other ServicePlus payout restrictions and coverage limits per contract term for ServicePlus include:

  • Plumbing and Electrical Systems: $500
  • Kettle: $500
  • Hot Tub, Spa/Pool: $500
  • Ceiling and exhaust fan: $400
  • Septic Tank Pumps: $200
  • Fridge ice maker: $200

ServicePlus has a $1,500 per contract limit on access, diagnosis, repair or replacement of all covered items under your chosen plan. In addition, it has per item coverage limits in certain areas.

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