Seraphim launches 670-W modules using 210-mm wafers

The Chinese solar panel manufacturer Seraphim has launched its new generation of products, the S5 series, with a maximum power of up to 670 W and a module efficiency of 21.57%.

The S5 series uses the largest wafer size in the industry (210mm), 12 busbars and half-cut cells. Compared with the normal 2mm cell spacing technology, the new product adopts 0.8mm high-density encapsulation technology to greatly improve the power density of the modules and ensure product quality.

To meet the diverse requirements for the highly efficient modules, Seraphim has rolled out two versions, 132 cells and 120 cells, combining them with choices of single and bifacial double-glazed configurations, with output power ranging from 595 W to 670 W .

The new product has been subjected to tests such as PID, hail, sand dust and ammonia and shows high reliability and is expected to be a strong competitor in the field of high-efficiency PV module products.

“Innovation has always been Seraphim’s original ambition, with the mission of being a market leader from the moment the company was founded. Over the years, the company has put a lot of effort into R&D and has built up a rich and unique experience in researching and developing the expertise and technology of high-efficiency modules,” said Polaris Li, chairman and president of Seraphim.

He added that the S5 product series will provide our customers with an excellent product experience, due to the company’s strict procedural control, technology research and development, product design, development and in-depth testing.

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