S-5! develops conduit clamp for wire management on metal rooftop solar projects

Metal Roof Fastener Manufacturer S-5! has unveiled its new electrical conduit clamp for metal roofs. The CanGerman clamp secures and supports wire management conduit and secures home runs to metal roofs for PV systems, in conjunction with any S-5! clamp or bracket.

CanGermany from S-5!

The CanDuit clamp is made of electro galvanized steel and has two halves that clamp around the pipe or conduit with an EPDM liner pad that protects against wear and an M8 threaded bolt that attaches to S-5! Products. The CanDuit can be used in both residential and commercial environments and is available in 14 sizes with outer tube diameters ranging from 0.79 inches (20 mm) to 4.6 inches (117 mm).

CanDuit comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

“Our customers repeatedly ask, ‘Do you have anything for mounting electrical wires, conduits and other round objects on metal roofs?’” said Rob Haddock, CEO and founder of S-5!. “So, in an effort to respond to the needs of the industry and as we continue to innovate new and better solutions in a constant product improvement and invention/reinvention mode to bring competitive advantages to our customers, we created the CanDuit clamp. So now, S-5! ‘can do it.'”

News item from S-5!

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