Roofr Closes Post-Seed Round Led by Bullpen Capital, Adding $4.25 Million for a Total of $8.25 Million in Funding to Build Out a SaaS Platform for Roofers, by Roofers – sUAS News

Roofr, the all-in-one sales platform for roofers, announced today that the company has successfully completed a $ 4.25 million post-seed round led by Bullpen Capital, with the participation of Avidbank and Crosslink Capital. This investment will bring their total amount raised to $ 8.25 million since the company was admitted to Y Combinator in 2017. The round comes on the heels of a product evolution that is sparking intense interest in the roofing industry.

The focus on a SaaS platform for roofers marks an exciting shift in business strategy as it builds services for businesses and, moreover, is a marketplace for consumers to find roofing services. When founder Richard Nelson, a third-generation roofer, wanted to create a marketplace, he quickly realized that one essential piece of the puzzle was missing: simple and powerful SaaS software that roofers need to better understand and understand their customers. to be of service.

When the company shifted its product focus to SaaS for roofers, the market immediately responded with a dramatic increase in customer retention and satisfaction, leading to additional financing. Roofr is the SaaS platform built for roofers by roofers. Working with Roofr CTO Kevin Redman, Nelson built a platform that serves as a complete sales toolbox for thousands of roofers and more. Roofr enables users to produce accurate measurement reports, make estimates in minutes, and generate beautiful proposals that bring in more customers.

“I’ve been working on roofs with my uncle and father since I was twelve. Roofing is in my blood. When I was 20, I held a sales position at a large roofing company. There I was shown firsthand how archaic the system is, how much legacy processes cost contractors in both time and money, and I knew there had to be a better way, ”said Nelson. “The pandemic accelerated digitization in the roofing industry and exposed some vulnerabilities. That made it clear that providing roofers with the software and tools they need to streamline their business processes, our mission is to ensure that every family has access to an affordable roof.

T.The tools Roofr offers significantly improves repair time as well as costs and overhead. Using aerial photographs, Roofr delivers detailed roof measurement reports with industry-leading accuracy. Roofers also have the option to create their own roof measurement reports using drone, blueprint and satellite images. The software allows roofers to streamline their estimation process by creating templates that calculate materials, margins and labor costs in the blink of an eye, and then produce remarkable, professionally designed proposals that customers can electronically sign with a click.

“Roofers know what they want, and our job is to give it to them,” said Ann Lai, General Partner of Bullpen Capital, who recently joined Roofr’s board of directors. “Using technology to modernize key sales and estimation processes for roofers, the Roofr team allows roofers to focus on what they do best. And roofers love it, as shown by their exceptional retention. At Bullpen, we believe in building software that authentically improves the day-to-day processes of small businesses. This is the secret to Roofr’s success and our dissertation in space. “

Roofr plans to use this cash injection to build out its platform and ensure the company provides a world-class experience for all of its customers. Read more about Roofr at

About Roofr

Built by roofers for roofers, Roofr is a SaaS platform that is an all-in-one sales toolbox for roofers. The company was founded by a third-generation roofer with a vision to build the world’s most trusted roof platform. Roofr gives roofers everything they need to save time and money and do more business. They provide aerial photos to generate highly accurate measurement reports, make estimates in minutes, and generate beautiful proposals that clients can electronically sign with a click.

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