Roofing project nears completion | Natchitoches Times

By Times Staff

The completion of replacing the Hurricane Laura-damaged metal roof of the Nakatosh Condominium on Front Street is about a week away, according to Kyle Smith with Roofing Solutions. “It has been a roof job that I will not soon forget,” he said. There is still a fascia to paint and all exterior trim and ceilings. A unit on the third floor was so damaged that a complete renovation was necessary.

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“Everything looks good as if it’s coming together and can be packed up this week, and all the equipment on the street and on the sidewalks can be removed,” Smith said. Construction began on July 26. “The million dollar project is a roof to remember,” he said. “We had to fabricate the roof in the condominium’s parking lot and lift it about 40 feet and rebuild it on top. Our workers have been hanging from lifelines for the past month.”

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