Roofing Experts Jacobs Ladder Reveal the Average Lifespan of a Metal Roof

Most people think that metal roofs are only suitable for commercial buildings. In 2021, that’s far from the case, with high-quality metal roofs also becoming a favorite for residential homes. One question that often comes to mind when considering a metal roof over other options is, “how long will a metal roof last?” Always eager to keep customers informed as best they can, roof experts Jacobs Ladder recently revealed their take on the average lifespan of a metal roof on their information-packed official blog. The company offers roofing services throughout Kentucky.

“There isn’t much knowledge in the community about metal roofs for houses,” notes a Jacobs Ladder spokesperson. “It’s only natural as most families have always had more traditional roof options. So we were pleased to have the opportunity to look at the topic in a way that helps customers make more informed decisions. We are always there to help!”

According to the company, a high-quality metal roof by a professional team of roofers lasts an extremely long time. The average time is a full three decades. Of course, anything can positively or negatively affect that time, including the climate and weather the roof is exposed to; the type of metal used for the roof; and the skill level of the roofing company (an area where Jacobs Ladder excels).

Jacobs Ladder also offers other roofing options, restoration services, emergency services, building advice and can handle insurance claims in a proficient, professional manner.

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The Jacob’s Ladder Team specializes in a variety of restoration services, including roofing, water damage restoration, emergency care (roof inspections, storm restoration, other incidents, and more). In 2016, Jacob’s Ladder was voted the best bodyshop contractor not only in Lexington KY, but on a national scale.

What sets Jacob’s Ladder apart from other contractors and restoration specialists is the amount of high-quality services we offer. For example, while we pride ourselves on our roofing services, we also provide expert body repairs and assist residents throughout Kentucky when they need us most. With unparalleled skills, a friendly team and a desire to help others due to natural disasters or other events, Jacob’s Ladder is here for you. To learn more about the team, our mission and the services offered, please visit our about us page.

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