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Any home will ensure that certain elements that make a home safe are firmly in place. On the outside, those that are affected first are roofing, trim and waterproofing. Usually these jobs are left to the contractor and most homeowners are quite ignorant of the materials and prefer not to deal with them.

Here, too, various trends are occurring. Piyush Nahar, GM, Marketing, Tata Bluescope Steel, says: “Home roofing is now focused on aesthetics and durability. A solar compatible roof system is preferred by specifiers and home builders. Roofs that perform well in difficult environments such as wet hilly terrain, high wind zones, dry environments, and have a higher load capacity, offering greater thermal efficiency along with superior aesthetics, have gained importance. Lately, this sector has witnessed greater acceptance of color coated steel roofs. With multiple color options and patterns to choose from; our DURASHINE roof is an attractive choice that combines superior aesthetics, design flexibility, thermal efficiency with better performance; giving the home owner peace of mind. “

As with facade cladding systems, sustainability has also crept in here. Ashwani Khanna, AVP, Marketing, FunderMax India, says, “High-rise, commercial and residential buildings, office spaces and government buildings all benefit from well-designed cladding. To add to the sustainability factor, Fundermax offers a rainscreen facade system that improves building protection by improving the functionality of the facade in terms of heat and noise reduction and better weather protection. A well-designed facade reduces thermal bridges, condensation of water vapor, protects the building and increases durability. Some advantages could be: durable and durable facade; structurally designed facade to withstand harsh outdoor conditions; and a significant reduction in energy costs for heating and air conditioning. “

One should not forget the importance of waterproofing here. Himanshu Kapadia, CEO, Construction Chemicals, Large Consumer Company and Services, Pidilite Industries, says: “The golden rule for any successful waterproofing is the choice of the right product and the right applicator. Waterproofing is the job of an applicator and the selection of the correct applicator plays an important role in ensuring a successful waterproofing. Likewise, the selection of the right system and the right products based on the specific requirements of the project is also important to ensure proper waterproofing. The most common failures occur at construction joints, intersections of horizontal and vertical elements and cut-outs. They all require the right design and the use of the right materials. “

Make it fun

Market demand for construction products is generally driven by growth in the infrastructure, SME and retail segment. India has recently become one of the major markets for prefabricated buildings. Warehousing and industrial segments are the main drivers, and the size of the PEB market is estimated to grow at a double-digit CAGR over the next five years. Nahar says, “Personal consumption is expected to rebound and is likely to be around FY20 levels by FY22, depending on how vaccinations improve. Retail would be resilient for some time. Government and private projects are now subdued, but are expected to rebound in FY22. Favorable policies, such as the PLI scheme, could attract foreign investment and increase private production capex. Robust infrastructure projects for the next 5-6 years are visible in Metros, freight corridors and National Infrastructure Pipeline. “

About how upholstery has evolved, Lakshay Jindal, Director and CMO, Jindal Mecho Bricks, says: “In the past, siding tiles were used in bedrooms, lobby, entryway, dining room, kitchen, study, living room, porch and much more. Our siding tile wall is also used to accent artifacts or photos. The tiles are one of the most preferred materials for owners of premium luxury spaces. This is due to the negligible maintenance of these tiles, the subtle colors, endless design possibilities and easy installation. “

One of FunderMax’s new solutions, the Max Lato series, aims to provide occupants with better visual comfort. These solar shading systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be used to reduce the effects of glare and heat penetration into various types of buildings across the country. Max Lato is an effective way to reduce the load on air conditioning. Khanna says, “It allows designers to create a distinctive architectural impact. This new solar shading system has slats of Max Exterior panels from Fundemax that can be fixed in any position, depending on the construction site. Another new system in the range is the rivet-free ceiling system from Fundermax, FS01. The goal is to achieve a seamless and unobstructed view with smaller strips (width of panels) and closed grooves. “
Waterproofing should be designed according to the requirements.

Kapadia says: “For example, a bridge waterproofing system must also be able to ensure continuous movement of the vehicles and good adhesion of the waterproofing layer to the bituminous concrete, in addition to a complete waterproofing of the construction. Likewise, waterproofing the basements of a hospital or a shopping center should be designed for use as a service area, which may not be the case for residential basements. Prefabricated and composite slabs, due to the structural requirements, need a better waterproofing system compared to a concrete building on site. “

Pidilite has an in-house expert design team to design the correct waterproofing system. They believe in offering a complete solution under one umbrella and have a range of project, repair and maintenance products to meet the demands of all types of buildings, industries and infrastructures.

Be that as it may, owners and developers need to make sure the job is done properly.

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