RFMS associates, clients share company’s secrets success

Back in 2000, the flooring store that Peterson worked at became an RFMS client. It was his job to help implement it, which sparked his interest. Over time, he and a few workers broke away from that location, opened their own store and used RFMS from day one. In the first two years in business, the store generated $6 million in revenue.

Peterson said he likes the fact that the tools and systems RFMS offers can evolve as the needs of the client changes. “We listen to our client base in terms of program enhancements and applications that we need to build,” he explained. “That’s one of the things that we try to do— keep our ear to the ground and listen to client feedback because our clients are the ones using the software and we need to give them a tool that works the best for their business.”

Peterson is not alone. Bruce Odette, president, Carpet Exchange, Denver, Colo., has been using RFMS for a little over six years. He told FCNews that using RFMS tools has made his job easier. In particular, it’s helpful to have unlimited access to data that he can react to quickly. The customer service RFMS provides is also a big plus. “When there is an issue with your software, a quick response time is critical,” Odette explained. “The RFMS team has met and exceeded our expectations. They are constantly innovating and enhancing efficiencies to put us at the forefront of our industry.”

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