RFCI launches ecomedes material database

ecomedesLa Grange, Ga.—As part of its overall strategy to improve resilient flooring awareness, access and specification within the A&D community, the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) said it has spearheaded an initiative for its manufacturing members to list their products on ecomedes .

“RFCI has worked with ecomedes to set up a dedicated product category database that features sustainability and health and wellness information for resilient flooring products,” said Jane Rohde, technical consultant, RCFI and principal of JSR Associates, a Maryland-based architectural and consulting firm . “This includes third party certifications, declarations, ecolabels and performance data used by specifiers and flooring installers to compare and select products for green building rating system compliance.”

Like the RFCI dedicated product site, the General Services Administration (GSA) also has a dedicated database that includes all types of products, including resilient flooring on the GSA Contract. As a result, this attribute is also available through the search engine within the RFCI dedicated database. According to the company, manufacturers have provided initial data to the ecomedes team for inclusion and subsequent certification and embodied carbon information will be updated directly from the program operator that completes third-party verification and building transparency, respectively.

RFCI said it worked with building transparency as a pilot category for resilient floor covering to provide specifiers a global warming potential (GWP) resource that is available in the Embodied Carbon Construction Calculator (EC3).

“RFCI has closely collaborated with both building transparency and ecomedes to be the first category to go live in the ecomedes database that includes global warming potential (GWP) data pulled directly from the EC3 tool,” Rohde said. “Congratulations to all of the team members and RFCI members for making these two initiatives successful!”

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