Retailers React: What do you look for when hiring an RSA?

RSAEvery two weeks, FCNews seeks floor sellers across the country to provide advice on current topics. This week we asked: What do you look for when hiring an RSA?

Here are their reactions:

We are looking for team members with a passion for design and a willingness to grow every day. We hire people with positive attitudes who actively listen to qualify our customers’ needs. If a candidate has the right personality – and a positive attitude – we can equip them with the proprietary skills needed in our company.

– Scott, Browne, Macco’s Floor Covering, Green Bay, Wis.

We are looking for people who are driven and have a positive attitude that fits our culture. They need strong problem-solving skills and a strong desire to serve our customers. If they have those traits, we can teach them all the other parts that make a great store salesperson.

-Taylor Dore, ICC Floors, Indianapolis

I was always looking for experience, but in the past five years, some of our best salespeople have come from outside the industry. We are looking for people who are confident, organized and progressive. We are looking for people who think outside the box, are not afraid to ask for the order, and who can solve and deal with problems that may arise during installation.

—Dan Mandel, Sterling Carpet & Flooring, Anaheim, California.

No. 1, I look for the applicant’s core values. By the time a candidate is 30, their core values ​​have been developed and for me it is highly unlikely that I will change them in a year or two. No. 2, the applicant cares about people? If you care about people, I’m not worried about our customers or colleagues being mistreated. If you care, call back, follow up and do what’s best. No. 3, does the applicant have the job requirements and want the job?

– Roy Tokuhama, Abbey Carpet & Floor of Hawaii, Honolulu

Retail experience helps. Setting and maintaining customer expectations is an art that not everyone naturally possesses. I think this is the most important part of the transaction to keep the whole project running smoothly.

– Ben Case, Carpet Collection, Lockport, NY

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