Retailers of the Year 2022: Nampa Floors & Nebraska Furniture Mart

Shopkeeper of the Year 2022Specialty flooring retailers are the driving force behind this industry. Their success fuels every channel from residential retail to commercial. To honor these companies, FCNews publishes its inaugural Edition Retailers of the year 2022. It is an attempt to draw attention to those retailers who excel or distinguish themselves in some aspect of their business. In this issue, suppliers and vendors nominated retailers they think deserve a mention and why they stand out from the crowd.

FCNewsThe 2022 edition of Retailers of the Year features some of the industry’s most experienced dealers from influential buying groups and smaller retailers without group membership. In other words, it reflects retail as a whole.

When choosing their top retailer partners, suppliers looked beyond sales volume to other key attributes such as communication skills, trust, corporate culture and even benevolence as differentiators. Suppliers/sellers nominated up to four retailers (or in some cases distributors) for consideration and explained why they stood out. FCNews then narrowed down the winners based on the scope of merit awarded to each.

Visit every day this week and next, as new winners will be featured. Today’s highlights for Retailers of the Year 2022 are Shaw’s nominations and winners: Nampa Flooring & Interiors and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Shopkeeper of the Year 2022

Nampa Floors & Interiors
Nampa, Idaho

What Shaw had to say

Nampa Floors & Interiors earns Retailer of the Year 2022 status for their unwavering dedication to their people and their customers. Outstanding culture and service set Nampa Floors & Interiors apart from their competition. What’s their secret? Leaders at Nampa Floors & Interiors, such as Kyal Wilson, CEO, have intentionally created an environment that emphasizes family values ​​and work-life balance. Employees are valued, well compensated and happy, and it shows. You really feel it the moment you step into a Nampa Floors & Interiors showroom. The whole atmosphere is uplifting and positive. Individuals are recognized for exemplary customer service and rewarded with incentives such as private parking

t for getting the most Google reviews (there’s even a sign to mark the achievement). In-store messaging not only focuses on products and services, but also proudly displays the company’s commitment to the community. These “extras” motivate consumers and inspire both trust and brand loyalty. Together, the entire team at Nampa Floors & Interiors has built a brand that evokes an emotional connection with their customers. It’s authentic and remarkably effective.

What the winner had to say

“Our company was founded in 1954 by my grandparents and serves the Treasure Valley communities and a few outlying markets across the state,” said Wilson. “Since then, we have expanded our service areas to the entire state and to select projects in California, Oregon, Washington and Montana. While the business looks significantly different today than it did almost 70 years ago, our basic principles remain the same. Simply put, we believe in taking the best care of our teams, providing the best possible customer service experience to the communities we serve, and giving back to those communities that have shown us so much support over the years. Shaw is ingrained in both my family and our company

ss since the establishment of the company. I’ve seen Shaw’s unwavering support for three generations – and it’s paid off for both Shaw and our company.

shopkeeper of the yearNebraska furniture market
Omaha, Neb

What Shaw had to say

There is perhaps no one more deserving of a 2022 Retailers of the Year nomination than Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM). NFM doesn’t do anything half hearted – they go big and they go all in. NFM’s leadership and willingness to invest in the future of our industry is truly unparalleled. 2022 will see the grand opening of the first-ever NFM Anso Gallery, a “showroom within a showroom” concept at NFM’s Omaha, Neb., location dedicated to Shaw’s Anso high-performance carpets. Visionary leaders at NFM, such as Dave Chambers, Director of Flooring, embarked on a 15-month journey to create the ultimate in-store carpet buying experience. Working with Shaw as their preferred carpet supplier, NFM researched changing consumer buying habits and best practices in showrooms to ensure strategic future investments. The result: a stunning NFM Anso Gallery that draws attention. The new merchandising destination, which accounts for nearly half of NFM’s in-store carpet footprint, features plenty of open space and lower fixtures that improve visibility and invite customers into the space. Easy to shop displays accommodate nearly 100 different soft surface styles. The space is well-lit and decked out with floor-to-ceiling examples of trendy carpet patterns, pet-friendly messaging and visualization tools.

What the winner had to say

“Both NFM and Shaw wanted to reimagine the shopping experience for our consumers looking for new carpet,” said Chambers. “Shaw has always been at the forefront of product innovation and we’ve been able to complement that with a truly innovative consumer-focused ANSO Gallery Showroom. This showroom can build consumer confidence with a better, cleaner story about the benefits of ANSO High Performance Carpet and Pet Perfect Carpet solutions. The new merchandising also brings inspiration and design more easily to consumers through larger samples and the Roomvo Visualization technology. We are extremely proud of this new concept and the reception from consumers and RSAs has been phenomenal.”

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