Retailers of the Year 2022: Great Lakes & Hadinger Flooring

Shopkeeper of the Year 2022Specialty flooring retailers are the driving force behind this industry. Their success fuels every channel from residential retail to commercial. To honor these companies, FCNews publishes its inaugural Edition Retailers of the year 2022. It is an attempt to draw attention to those retailers who excel or distinguish themselves in some aspect of their business. In this issue, suppliers and vendors nominated retailers they think deserve a mention and why they stand out from the crowd.

FCNewsThe 2022 edition of Retailers of the Year features some of the industry’s most experienced dealers from influential buying groups and smaller retailers without group membership. In other words, it reflects retail as a whole.

When choosing their top retailer partners, suppliers looked beyond sales volume to other key attributes such as communication skills, trust, corporate culture and even benevolence as differentiators. Suppliers/sellers nominated up to four retailers (or in some cases distributors) for consideration and explained why they stood out. FCNews then narrowed down the winners based on the scope of merit awarded to each.

Visit every day this week and next, as new winners will be featured. Today’s highlights for Retailers of the Year 2022 are Mobile Marketing’s nominations and winners: Great Lakes Carpet & Tile and Hadinger Flooring.

shopkeeper of the yearGreat Lakes Carpet & Tile
Wildwood, Fla.

What mobile marketing had to say

Great Lakes began using Mobile Marketing’s Virtual Home Service, which provides retailers with an easy-to-use digital platform to view customer issues, store information, and share the information to process claims faster. As a result, Great Lakes saw a significant improvement in its claims score. Great Lakes creatively used new technology to improve customer satisfaction.

About Great Lakes Carpet & Tiles

This family-owned flooring company has been operating in Central Florida for more than two decades, with locations in Lady Lake, Wildwood, Mount Dora, and The Villages.

While providing quality customer service is a longstanding business practice, Great Lakes Carpet & Tile is committed to exceeding customer expectations. It understands the importance of taking care of customers and is constantly working to improve processes and reduce response time. “I believe our best asset is that we care for our customers in the same way we would like to be cared for ourselves,” said Tom Urban, managing director. “The slogan of our company is: ‘Service is not just a word, but a way of life.’ Everyone on our team understands this phrase and works hard to turn every customer into an enthusiastic fan. Prices and products mean a lot to consumers, but nothing beats first-class service.”

Customer service isn’t the only area where Great Lakes shines. The floor seller was also impressive on the operational side. Case in point: the company realized that too many people were involved in the claims process, resulting in delays and increased costs. Seeing this as an opportunity for improvement, the company streamlined the claims process and implemented a 24-hour response time to service requests.

Shopkeeper of the Year Hadinger floors
Naples, Fla.

What mobile marketing had to say

Hadinger Flooring has been a staple of the community for over 40 years and tirelessly gives to others in need through her benevolence, support and charity. Hadinger uses Mobile Marketing’s digital marketing services to help promote these community events, and Mobile Marketing’s leadership participates in the annual golf tournament.

About Hadinger floors

Hadinger Flooring takes service seriously – and it shows. Over the years, the flooring retailer has won multiple service awards, including Retailer of the Year from America’s Magnificent Carpets Award (AMCA) and Southwest Florida Choice Champion from the Naples daily news. Year after year, Hadinger Flooring strives to deliver exceptional service to every customer, for every project, every time. It’s no wonder Naples daily newsreaders selected Hadinger as the best flooring company in Naples for 15 consecutive years. Service, however, is only one measure of Hadinger’s standing in the community. When it comes to charity, few are as committed to helping their local community.

After Hurricane Ian devastated Florida in September, Hadinger opened his doors to help others rebuild their homes. Hadinger also hosts a golf tournament each spring, with proceeds going to a local charity. This year, the money raised benefited Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs, a nonprofit that promotes independence for war-injured veterans and children with life-changing disabilities through partnerships with skilled service dogs.

In addition, Hadinger supports local public school teachers. Each year, the company hosts the Teacher Rug Giveaway, where local teachers receive rugs to make their classrooms cozier and more comfortable for students.

For employees, Hadinger Flooring offers a free weekly yoga class held every Monday at 5:45 PM and taught by Shiva Yoga Shala’s yoga teachers.

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