Retailers of the Year 2022: Carpeteria & Hernandez Carpet

Shopkeeper of the Year 2022Specialty flooring retailers are the driving force behind this industry. Their success fuels every channel from residential retail to commercial. To honor these companies, FCNews publishes its inaugural Retailers of the Year edition. It is an attempt to draw attention to those retailers who excel or distinguish themselves in some aspect of their business. In this issue, suppliers and vendors nominated retailers they think deserve a mention and why they stand out from the crowd.

FCNewsThe 2022 edition of Retailers of the Year features some of the industry’s most experienced dealers from influential buying groups and smaller retailers without group membership. In other words, it reflects retail as a whole.

When choosing their top retailer partners, suppliers looked beyond sales volume to other key attributes such as communication skills, trust, corporate culture and even benevolence as differentiators. Suppliers/sellers nominated up to four retailers (or in some cases distributors) for consideration and explained why they stood out. FCNews then narrowed down the winners based on the scope of merit awarded to each.

Visit every day this week and next, as a new winner will be featured. Today’s highlight is Republic Floors’ nominations and winners: Carpeteria and Hernandez Wholesale Flooring.

Shopkeeper of the Year 2022Carpeteria Design Center
Lancaster, California

What Republic Floors had to say

In May 2014 we started our collaboration with Carpeteria. They have changed hands over the years and Jack Van Boheemen – who was our buyer at the time and helped set up the company – is now the owner. When we first came to Carpeteria, our warehouse wasn’t even functional yet, but they were willing to take over our racks and try out this new company called Republic. They gave us a chance.

Today, Carpeteria is a retailer that we can get ideas from and who gives us great information and feedback. There’s never been a problem we couldn’t solve – and that’s based on the close relationship we’ve been able to forge over the years. And in the end it is a partnership. We do a lot of promotions together, at both locations, and we do a lot of product training together. It’s a really great partnership that we forged together.

What the winner had to say

Carpeteria has been a proud partner of Republic Flooring for almost 10 years. As one of our largest suppliers of SPC/WPC/laminate, Republic consistently delivers quality products that we are proud to sell to our customers. We offer a lifetime labor warranty on all installations, so we strive to provide only the best quality products in our store. Republic’s customer service team has always been extremely helpful in checking inventory, placing orders, arranging deliveries and, on rare occasions, handling claims. As Carpeteria has been in business for over 20 years, it is important that we provide our customers with products that are a true reflection of us and our long-standing reputation. Republic has always been a supplier we can count on and we look forward to our continued business relationship with them.

Hernandez wholesale flooring
Commerce, California

What Republic Floors had to say

Hernandez Carpet has always been a great partner of ours. They have a showroom strategy that allows us to showcase new products when they first come in. And we can align ideas – whether that’s what the market is looking for from their perspective or information about product categories we disagree on. currently on. There’s nothing like talking to your retailers to give you great market intelligence. We can look at market research, but they’re the ones who talk to consumers day in and day out, so they’re a great resource for us when we want to bring new products to market.

From day 1, which was May 2014, we have been able to build personal relationships with the owners, Steven and Carlos. They are also only a mile away from us, which has fostered our close relationship. For example, if we have consumers asking us for a product, we can send them directly to Hernandez. Those leads help support their business and it adds a lot of value.

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