Restore Rust Converter replacement for Rust Cure

I promised you last week that I would write about a new product, and I am! But first let me give you some history on why we have a new product.

Rust Cure has probably been a product on our shelves for over 30 years. It is a product that can turn rusty metal into a flat black finish that will remain stainless forever. My manager in the center had a flat roof on his shop and he placed tools that had been treated with Rust Cure on the open roof. Every year he went up on the roof (because the AC unit always had a problem) and checked the tools while checking the AC. They never rust, even in open weather.

I know they have been there for 10 years and are probably still up there. Rust Cure was great, and so was the owner. But like many of my shopping friends, he retired and didn’t sell his product to anyone. I bought what I thought the hardware store would last a year to give me time to look for another product and it took six months. It took me two years, but we have a new product! And it is a winner.

Restore Rust Converter turns rusty surfaces into a protective durable coating. How do I know that? My daughter and son-in-law bought a huge truck from the city of San Antonio. They need to move equipment so they can develop properties they own in Terlingua Ranch.

The truck they bought has a flat metal bed with a lifting gate. Although the truck only covered very few miles, the bed was rusty. When he asked me what he could use to treat the rust, I gave him the last gallon of Rust Cure, which I had potted, and a gallon of a new product called Restore. I left him that morning with both products feeling like I would probably be out of Rust Cure forever. When I got home that night, he was totally smiling and couldn’t wait to show me the back. He had used Restore. It turned the truck’s rusty back to a smooth, finished black metal. It looked freshly painted. I was impressed and so happy.

So, what’s different about Recover? Well, it leaves a smooth acrylic coating over the rust, almost as if you painted the surface. When you run your hand over the protected finish, it feels like it has been polished. And that finish will last forever. You can finish with paint or not. The durability will be the same.

You can use Restore on tools, machines, metal sheds, metal roofs, metal furniture and fences. Anything that tends to rust can get a layer of Restore on it. You can brush, roll or spray Restore. A gallon covers up to 500 square feet. Remove any stubborn rust first. Other anti-rust products require oil-based paints. You can use water-based acrylic paint over Restore.

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