Renu Energy Solutions boosts South Carolina farm’s sustainability with solar installs

Renu Energy Solutionsa locally owned and operated solar installation company in the Carolinas, built a new commercial solar installation Wild Hope Farma USDA certified organic vegetable and flower farm focused on regenerative farming in Chester, South Carolina.

The Renu Energy Solutions team installed two separate solar panels on the Wild Hope Farm greenhouse/barn and farm. The greenhouse array is 14,625 kW made up of 45 REC panels while the farm array is 5,525 kW made up of 17 REC panels. In total, the 20.15 kW installed by Renu across Wild Hope Farm’s two systems will provide an estimated 26,000 kWh of energy annually.

In addition to the Renu installations, Alder Energy installed an additional 15.34 kW on the greenhouse and farm roofs in 2017. This brings the total size of these arrays to 35.49 kW. In combination, the PV systems installed by Renu and Alder will offset more than 90% of the total energy consumption of Wild Hope Farm’s greenhouse/barn and farm buildings.

“Renu and Wild Hope Farm share a common vision to care for our local community through sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said Matthew Culley, Senior Consultant at Renu Energy Solutions. “We are honored to be the installation partner for these solar panels, and proud to partner with Wild Hope Farm in their goal of achieving Zero Net Energy on the farm.”

Wild Hope Farm’s sustainability focus extends beyond its cultivation fields and solar installations, extending to the back acres and wooded areas of the estate where the team is transforming invasive grassland pastures into native prairies. With this restoration project, Wild Hope Farm is creating a habitat for endangered bird, rabbit and pollinators.

“With deliberate planning of our land and infrastructure, the Wild Hope Farm team aims to use net energy in our farming area for years to come,” said Katherine Belk, Operations Manager at Wild Hope Farm. “From our conservation cultivation practices to our 35.49 kW solar PV array to our passive solar greenhouses, we are always thinking of new ideas for saving and producing energy on the farm.”

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