Real wood coalition part 7

Last year, Indusparquet celebrated its 50th anniversary in the marketing of rare, tropical hardwood floors. As the company embarks on the next five decades of bringing world-class hardwood floors to the world, it is encouraging users to think about flooring and the entire category in a totally different way.

“When someone mentions the words ‘exotic hardwood floors’, we usually hear comments about the trends deviating from red and orange tones – which is true,” said Jodie Doyle, vice president of sales and marketing, USA. like our brand new Largo South Beach or Solido Brazilian Oak Java and they are overwhelmed that the product can come from the same factories that produce Brazilian Cherry and Tiger Wood. “

Doyle said it’s important to note that a respectable volume of those older, more traditional varieties is still being sold. However, Indusparquet said it has challenged its design team to step out of their comfort zone and try to produce unique new products and strains that will grab attention in retail showrooms. “People in our industry lament the customer switching from real wood floors to plastic, porcelain and other options that all try to mimic the real thing,” added Doyle. “Maybe that’s because the customer sees a sea of ​​equality when taken to the hardwood section.”

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